5 Tips To Avoid Dreaded Winter Weight Gain

I am sorry but waking up to 30-degree temperatures in November in Charleston is simply insane.

I guess there is no denying it, summer is out and winter is quickly rolling in.

A change in season doesn’t just mean colder temperatures and shorter days…It means oversized clothes that cover trouble spots, and meals that deliver comfort and warmth. Both of which are known to yield winter weight gain.

During the summer, our bodies are more of a focus. We’re wearing less clothing, we want to feel comfortable taking the kids to the beach/pool and our appetites are decreased.

High temperatures is the reason we crave lighter fare like fish, grilled chicken, and salads during the summer.

But falling temperatures (like the ones we saw last week) changes it all. In an effort to keep our bodies warm, our metabolism is increased. That’s all great, except that it also boosts our hunger sensors. We want more food and we want food that fills.

Suddenly heavy meals like lasagna, beef stroganoff, and baked potatoes smothered in chili and cheese make their way to the dinner table. Not that anyone is complaining, because let’s face it… those foods are amazing.

But combine those comfort meals with sweaters and comfortable leggings and you’re suddenly outlining a weight loss resolution for the New Year.

I want you, your husband and your family to kick off the year feeling better than ever. Not having to have the talk of “oh we’re going to start making some changes around here” (that’s never fun).

Follow these tips to stay looking fabulous this winter!

5 Tips To Avoid Winter Weight Gain

1. Workout in the morning. When the sunsets at 5:30pm, it can be very hard to get motivated to go to the gym. We’re not nocternal, we love daytime hours. Instead, try to wake up 30-minutes earlier to get a workout in while the sun is coming up. Not only will you feel better having your workout done, but it will help wake you up and get you energized.

From a recent race in the Mountains (29-degrees)

2. Get dressed up. We’re not made for cold temperatures! I see Charlestonians wearing coats when it’s in the 60s. So it’s not a surprise that no one wants to exercise because they don’t have the attire fit for the chill. A few pieces of workout clothes that I can’t live without during the cold? $3 gloves from Target, UnderArmour tights, long sleeve workout top with thumbholes, and ear warmer/hat. Workout in layers and as you get warm, peel them off. It’s a lot easier to workout this way than stopping half way through because you’re chilled to the bone.

3. Portion control. Portion control is the number 1 issue many Americans face in terms of weight gain. Of course it is, everything comes super sized! When you make your plate at night, have it look like this: 1/2 of it should be vegetables, 1/4 of it carbs (rice, pasta, etc) and the other 1/4 should be meat.

4. Avoid seconds. Put enough food on your plate the first time. If you know it’s not enough to fill you up, then add another spoonful or two. Once everyone makes their plates, go ahead and put the leftovers away! Out of sight, out of mind.

5. Hydrate! I have this issue… when I’m cold, I am simply not thirsty. And I know I’m not alone. Make sure to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. Water helps not only to keep your body running healthy but also keeps your metabolism revved up and helps to fight bloat.

And when all else fails, remind yourself that you don’t want to be just another “weight loss resolution maker”.

Don’t let summertime lifestyle habits go out the window. You can do it!

Do you typically gain weight during the winter? 

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