Week 8: A Fitness Farewell

The Fit Family Challenge has made a tremendous difference in our lives.  Arm muscles!  I actually have visible muscles in my arms when I flex!  Seeing visible results from my hard work at the gym has made me even more energized to go to the gym as much as possible.  Scott and I meet at the gym now after work at least three times a week.  On the off days, I do my Zumba DVDs, and he continues to do his cardio workout at lunch and hits the gym after the kids are in bed.  We have definitely learned to exercise whenever we can and to make time for it in our schedules.  Scott has seen some great results due to his commitment to getting active and eating healthier.  He has lost 15 pounds and has found a better balance between going to the gym and time with the family.  He is also more conscious about what we all eat and plans healthier meals for us to eat which include more fruits and vegetables.  I have learned to crave my sweet tooth with a small amount of dark chocolate.

Of course, we are definitely not perfect and we do have our setbacks especially when we have to work late.  Sometimes we just do not have time to cook and we eat out but I think we are more equipped now to make healthier choices.  Some days are also really tiring and stressful, and a workout just doesn’t happen.  However, skipping a day or two is okay as long as we get back on track as soon as we can and keep going as a family.

Week 7: Staying Healthy on Hot Days

Today our family went downtown and listened to the church bells ring in honor of the 9 people who lost their lives so tragically this week.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and members of Mother Emanuel AME Church.

It is so hot outside!  The weather has really stopped us from being able to be active outside so we have moved our activities indoors.  The kids have been playing in the gym or swimming while at camp, and Scott and I have been meeting at the gym (when we can) after work.  On the nights that one of us has to work late and we cannot go to the gym, I have been doing Zumba.  My five year old, Presley, loves to Zumba with me and she is definitely better than me.  I even actually woke up one morning at 4:45 and went to the gym.  My level of dedication was truly tested that morning because the gym’s air conditioning was broken and I still worked out on the elliptical for 35 minutes.  We went to the pool for a little while on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Our eating habits this week have not been that great especially mine due to work meetings.  We ate out more than we have in a while.  We did try to eat as healthy as possible but Scott deserved a break from cooking over the Father’s Day weekend.  We will definitely strive to eat healthier this week!

Week 6: Down Time while Keeping Up

This week was our vacation week. Most of the family spent time enjoying fun in the sun at Myrtle Beach Sc where we met up with my youngest sisters family, my brothers family and my mom. Conner went on a 10 day vacation with his best friend travelling up to Ohio and back, hitting up theme parks and the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC.


The family members that were at Myrtle Beach did a lot of walking. We walked almost every where for the week, the weather was perfect for exploring the boardwalk. Throughout the week we went swimming , bowling, dancing and just had a great time.   One of our favorite times was the water park where those steps to go down the slide really add up.  When you’re having fun you don’t realize that things like stairs, walking and swimming are good for your body (or how much you actually do.)

We drink lots of water , used sunscreen frequently and we watched our portion sizes on all of our meals. even with vacation I was able to squeeze in small workouts at the house over the weekend.


Conner packed in walking, stair climbing, running, jumping, playing and swimming! 4 days at theme parks two days at a waterpark ,the Smithsonian zoo and museums and a day at Dave and Busters.


We start back up at the gym tomorrow. I’m really excited to get back in the routine of going to the gym. even though I’m only down a few pounds I’ve been able to keep it off over the past few weeks and I just feel better then I did when starting this challenge. This is something that we have enjoyed as a family and we look forward to continuing healthy recipes and healthy habits together.


Week 5: Taking a Break

Monday was a good start to our week. Matthew and I trained with Katie as a couple . Which I really enjoy because we’ve never been able to work out together and not because of time its just we don’t have the same workout routine. she showed us some things we can do at home together  and we also work side by side on the rowing machines . It was a tough workout we even had to stop a few minutes early and walk it off we were completely exerted.

We were unable to train at MUSC the rest of the week because of the last week of school and we were busy with Conner.  We have awards day, end of the year parties and early release.  We were able to squeeze in at home workout and small things to do.  Conner and I did Zumba on Friday morning  (at the house) and we had a great time. We danced and the babies watched like we were crazy.

We had a great weekend. Friday evening Conner left us to go to his vacation with his best friend for 10 days. He is very excited about his trip. Saturday Matthew and I loaded up the twins and did some walking outside at the outlet mall. we walked and shopped around for hours. Sunday we hit the road for myrtle    Beach.  We are having a great time on vacation.  The babies are playing and bouncing around.The weather is great for walking, it’s so nice we even enjoyed a nice walk to dinner  .


Week 4: Work Hard, Play Hard


Matthew and Griffin Goodwin, age 10 months

Matthew and Griffin Goodwin, age 10 months


Hannah and Layla Griffin, age 10 months

Hannah and Layla Griffin, age 10 months


Hannah and Conner Goodwin, age 8, post-workout!

Hannah and Conner Goodwin, age 8, post-workout!

I hope everyone had a blessed memorial day. We started our day with the memorial service in Moncks Corner followed by paying our respects for the sacrifices made by placing over 250 flags on the graves of the brave with cub scout pack 743. Monday evening we enjoyed two family games of bowling where Conner bowled without bumpers.

Wednesday Matthew worked out after work (boot camp style workout)  making working out on Thursday with Katie very difficult . Conner and I attend the Adventure Out work out at Cannon park. It was tough, but the trainer ( Kevin) was great . He helped push us and made it  fun and now Conner wants to be a trainer just like him.  I was still drenched in sweat when I made it home that evening.

Thursday Matthew worked out with our trainer Katie, and was completely sore and had me scared for my turn on Friday.  He worked out on his own while I trained with Katie.  He was right about the workout, she made me cry.  I’m glad she pushed me because I would have quit much earlier if I was doing it by myself, and we get to do it all again on Monday except we will be working out as a couple.  I’m very glad that we decided to do this as a family we are having a great time and already seeing results.
Saturday we had a wonderful day at Carowinds!  We spent 12 hours at the park and we estimated 6 hours of that was walking and with all the stairs it was definitely a fit family day and we made sure to drink lots and lots of water.
We ended our weekend with  family yard work  and a few runs through the sprinklers to cool off.   All in all it was a great week and we are looking forward to the next one!  We really hope that everyone is enjoying this challenge as much as we are.