Week 3: Life Happens

Griffin, Conner and Layla Goodwin at the SC Aquarium

Griffin, Conner and Layla Goodwin

Layla, 10 months

Layla, 10 months

Well this wasn’t our fit week to be honest.  We slacked on our exercise and eating habits slipped a little too. The holiday weekend got the best of us on top of two birthday parties , family in town and a trip to the E.R.

We did however enjoy many outdoor activities but were unable to get to the gym this week.

Tuesday my dad (daddy-o) surprised us with a visit from South Georgia . We enjoyed disk golf and dancing to music with him during his stay. Wednesday we made an impromptu trip to the Columbia Zoo and walked several miles there. We ate dinner out every night this week . The food ranged from the new yummy salad from chick-fil-a, to hibachi chicken, fried rice and sushi . We even went out for frozen yogurt this week but we did limit ourselves to small size.

Wednesday night Conner come to me in a lot of pain and after a call to his doctor we ended up in the emergency room with an infected lymph node. Two days of rest and missed school with antibiotics . No gym for mommy this week.

Friday evening, with Conner feeling better, we loaded the family and headed to Ga. My sister was celebrating the birthdays of her two children.  We played out side all weekend.  Activities from swimming, corn hole and even some running.  Birthday parties also mean cake and ice cream :( we limited ourselves but with that on top of pizza we all had tummy aches by the end of the night.

We are looking forward to a fresh start in the morning. I already have 3 days set aside to work out and we will be discussing a meal plan later tonight for the week instead of just winging it.  Matthew has a Navy physical readiness test and plans to do two 5k’s this week and go to the gym.  This last week we have been on the go non stop, with the slower pace in our schedule this week we really hope to do make some good improvements.

Week 1: Ups and Downs

This week had its ups and downs but overall it was productive.  Matthew has lost 4lbs and we have started our family walks around the neighborhood.  This week started with a bang when we attended the family fitness  challenge launch down town. We met with some of the sponsors ,  had pictures taken , learned more about the program and enjoyed lunch from Jason’s Deli. Yummy yum.

Tuesday was Matthew’s day off this week.  We went and had our inbody  analysis test done at the MUSC wellness center. Getting the test done didn’t take long and the results were very informative. The test showed how much our bone, muscle and fat weighs in all parts of our body. The test also showed how much water is in our bodies and helped us find our individual goals for the challenge. My personal goal is to lose 5 pounds and to add some muscle mass while Matthew’s goal is 20 pounds.  We also discovered our personal water intake requirements for instance Matthew carries about 130 pounds of water so he has to drink 130 oz of water a day and let me tell you that is not an easy task.  We started tracking our calories with my fitness pal and we are logging our activities at myfitfamilychallenge.com. This weekend I took the three kids to Augusta Ga. for a family members graduation and to meet my new baby nephew on Friday. (Matthew had to stay behind because of work)
We grabbed fast food twice in the car, and like most families in the south breakfast & dinners at granny’s is far from healthy.  But I didnt put all  the sides on my plate and I passed on dessert.  I did go slightly over my calories two day this week and I’m ok with that but hope to do better next week.

We started walking in the evenings.  The walks have replaced a constant tv. running time in the evening allowing for quality family time . we only have about 2 hours a day with matthew as a family this week because of his work schedule  so the walks have been nice.

We have also started healthier grocery shopping and cooking with healthy alternatives.  Things are moving in the right direction for us, and we are excited for what’s to come.

Getting Started


This week went well for us. Still very excited and getting in the swing of preparing for the fit family challenge. We started our trial of documentation with a fitness journal tracking literally everything, from what we eat and how often , when we sleep, when we shower, physical activity and water intake.This proved to be more difficult than it sounds considering our daily routine involves this in some way and when things are part of your routine they tend to blend into the back ground .When broken down into hour slots I realized how busy I actually am as a stay at home parent with twins. The journal open my eyes to what I was eating ( or lack of )and it was quit embarrassing and I almost didn’t want to jot it down.  I instantly knew that was going to be my biggest personal goal. …. Eating better. There was one evening I purchased a fast food meal and only ate the fries because it was “easier ” for me to eat those and keep up with the kids. What an excuse, what a horrible excuse!  Matthews biggest hurdle was to recognize the significance to what he puts into his body. While documenting our food seemed to be a difficult challenge , documenting our exercise seemed to be much easier because exercise is generally either fun and memorable or difficult and memorable.


Keeping detailed documents are really helpful in keeping a calorie deficit and potentially help with our weight loss goals. It has especially been eye opening to Matthew. where he works the only option to eat if you don’t bring your lunch is subway. Although a healthy alternative to normal fast foods when you add chips, cookies and an energy drink -a single meal is now close to 2400 calories far to much for a lunch.

Monday was the hardest day for us . It’s our busiest day of the week anyways and this week we actually have a doctors appointment for all three kids added to the schedule . As the week progressed we got better at keeping track and when on the run and out in town we said words like “grilled please” , ” I’ll have the fruit cup” and “water will be fine” . Words that haven’t been commonly used by use in a long time.

Wednesday the kids and I spent several hours out side enjoying the weather while cleaning and washing the cars.

Thursday I squeezed in a small workout on our tread-climber. I was only able to get in …. Wait for it …. 3 minutes of a brisk walk before I thought I was going to pass out so my goal is to make it to 5 minutes soon and then go from there. The first time Matthew used the tread-climber he was able to do ten minutes and said it was the most difficult 10 minute workout he had ever done.So if you are reading this and are worried that you can’t do it , just know you not alone starting from square one.

Saturday was our best day of the week. We took a trip to the Columbia riverbank Zoo and wore our MUSC provided pedometers to track our steps while we had a great time. I had taken just under 1400 steps during our visit and Conner had recorded an unbelievable 7953 steps! He was super busy but man did he sleep good that night.

We are really excited and can’t wait to see what next week has in store for us!


Meet the Goodwins!

Hello Lowcountry, we are the Goodwin family!

We have been anxiously awaiting the family fit challenge for the past few weeks and Now that the start date is close at hand we are more excited than ever to be a spotlight family!

Let me give you a little background history on our family of five:

Matthew and I have been married for 10 years. We met in our home town of Augusta Ga. and have traveled up and down the east coast with Matthew’s job as a service member of the United States Navy. Along the way we have been blessed with our beautiful children Conner who is 8 years old and our 9month old twins Layla and Griffin with whom I stay home with during the day.  Our children and full of energy and very active. Conner enjoys running club, cub scouts, playing with friends and ” wants to be able to run faster – longer”, His words not mine lol. Matthew and I were very active and involved in sports growing up .  Now that we are older we would like to still be able to participate and help our children with their activities .


We have always tried to be healthy and active but the Last two years have been rough on us emotionally and physically and when my pregnancy with the twins became high risk, I spent 3 weeks on bed rest before spending the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy in the hospital.   After the twins were  born premature at 33 weeks, we spent the next six weeks taking multiple daily trips to the NICU. This resulted in a bad habit of fast food on the go and eating what was “easy” and honestly we havent quite recovered from that convenient eating yet.  Including the extra weight . When you add the bad habit with our crazy busy life it’s easy to make excuses.


We met with the team and saw the facilities at MUSC that we will access to as an individual,  couple,  and family a few weeks back. After that meeting we have been discussing our goals and what we truly want out of this experience.  I hope to get back into a normal healthy eating and meal plan routine for myself and family. We hope to set great examples and make healthier decisions. I hope to feel confident in my summer bathing-suit, we hope to have the drive to be active with children. And I would also like to make working out with my husband fun as we aid each other  in helping to reach our goals. Something that we have struggled with in the past. We believe that with the team , our friends, and blogging about the difficulties and achievements we are sure to have, we will be motivated to continue to improve.


We cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunity to represent the Lowcountry in the family fit challenge as a spotlight family and how excited we are to work with the team of experts whose energy and enthusiasm has already made an impression upon us  . We hope to be an example that other families can relate to and inspire them to join us on our family fit journey to a healthier lifestyle .   So get your family and friends involved!  Make a support group, follow our blog along with the program and lets get fit together!